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Insertion and Removal of Kyleena® IUD

Kyleena IUD instructional video

Step-by-step directions for inserting and removing the Kyleena IUD are demonstrated in this video. Press play to start the video from the beginning, or select a chapter via the menu icon based on the information most relevant to you.

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Review the preparatory steps to ensure that Kyleena is appropriate for the patient. Follow the insertion instructions exactly as described in order to ensure proper placement and avoid premature release of the IUD from the inserter. Once released, Kyleena cannot be reloaded.1


The insertion instructions and tools mentioned in this video do not apply to immediate insertion after childbirth or second-trimester abortion or miscarriage. For complete insertion instructions, please refer to the step-by-step insertion instructions below or the full Prescribing Information for Kyleena.


IUD=intrauterine device.

Designed for a single-handed insertion technique1

Kyleena® (levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system) 19.5 mg IUD T-body and inserter.


  • Kyleena has a thin, flexible insertion tube (3.8 mm) with a small, rounded, flexible T-body
  • Kyleena features the same innovative Bayer Inserter design as other Bayer IUDs
  • Kyleena is delivered through the Bayer Inserter, which may be familiar to many HCPs


Step-by-step insertion and removal instructions1

The insertion instructions and tools do not apply to immediate insertion after childbirth or second-trimester abortion or miscarriage.

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Request a virtual or in-person insertion training for your office

  • Three-dimensional models
  • Educational kits and printed resources
  • IUD insertion simulation technology

Ordering the Kyleena IUD

Find helpful cost and coverage information, and how Bayer can help support your patients.